Bunded Pallets [Bin & Drum Handling and Preventative Spill Management]

Trade Enviro supply a range of IBC bunded pallets manufactured in Australia to Australian standards. They are effective for bin and drum handling and preventative spill management and are available at a competitive price.

Our spill pallet and drum bunding range consists of 1, 2, and 4 drum pallet options, along with bunded storage and twin spill containment pallets for IBC storage. Frames and covers are available for the bunding drum pallets along with lockable hardcovers. This spill pallet and drum bunding product is ideal for outdoor bin or drum storage and preventative spill management.

Bunded Pallets

4 Drum Pallet

Bunded Pallets

2 Drum Pallet

Bunded Pallets

1 Drum Pallet

Bunded Pallets

Hardcover Bund

Bunded Pallets

Twin IBC Pallet

Bunded Pallets

Single IBC Pallet

100% Australian Made. Rotationally Moulded HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Double Bunded Pallets.
Corrosion-resistant, strong, and durable. Designed for forklift use and delivered fast.

What Are Bunded Pallets?

A spill containment pallet, a bunded pallet, or a sump pallet, is a containment product designed to hold storage drums with hazardous liquids and dangerous goods securely. Shaped like a tray with a grid platform and made out of highly durable HDPE plastic, the bunding or bunded pallet prevents potentially hazardous chemicals from escaping beyond the drums’ immediate surroundings and keeps the leak contained within the pallet.

This way, a spill – an uncontrolled release of a chemical into the environment – is effectively prevented.

The patent is simple yet amazingly effective. That is the reason that the bunded pallets represent the first line of spill risk mitigation, both when hazardous materials are stored as stationary and when they get moved around the warehouse in line with safety protocols.

Depending on your needs, there are different types and sizes of bunded pallets available. If you’re not sure which portable bund system will best suit your requirements, we will be happy to advise you. Whether you need a chemical containment pallet or a spill pallet for oils and fuels, we’ve got you covered.

Price And Shipping

Our freight rates are highly competitive because our IBC containment pallets nest together only taking one pallet space on a truck. This means we can nest up to 10 pallets at a time which importantly will save you money on freight. We can arrange speedy delivery anywhere in Australia. Contact us today for a price.

Our Range

Two Drum Configuration

DimensionsWeightSpill CapacitySafe Working Load
1275mm x 815mm x 400mm (H)23kg230 Litres (2 x 205 Litre Drums)600kg

Four Two Drum Configuration

DimensionsWeightSpill CapacitySafe Working Load
1275mm x 1275mm x 310mm (H)33kg240 Litres (4 x 205 Litre Drums)1000kg

*Covers and frames are also available.

Bunded Pallet Covers / Frames

Galvanised frame and heavy-duty PVC cover. Ideal for outdoor storage. Manufactured to stand up to extreme weather conditions.

100% Australian made

Designed to avoid water build-up on top of the unit

Heavy-duty zipper access provides easy access to bunds

Super Heavy Duty, UV stabilised PVC

5-year guarantee (General usage. Damage by machinery not covered)

Large range of available options

The frame can easily be assembled in just a few minutes (comes flat packed to reduce shipping costs).

We can also supply based on your specific requirements, should you require a more customised order.

Hardcover Bund

To ensure safety, outdoor storage must be secured against access by unauthorized persons. Our hardcover bunds offer a convenient, reliable solution.

100% Australian made

100% weatherproof


Super heavy-duty polyethylene (PE) construction

Ideal for outdoor storage

Bunded Pallets

Hazardous Liquid Storage And Compliance. Your Obligations.

When choosing a bunded pallet, it is important to understand the requirements for storing hazardous liquids to ensure the safety of staff and the environment.

By regulations, the pallet you are using needs to have a capacity of 120% of the largest bin, drum, or vessel you are planning to store on. The reason for it is that the pallet could safely contain the entire content of the largest container, plus some extra space for easier manipulation of the spill or an additional leak from another smaller vessel. It is considered highly unlikely that more than one, let alone all containers, will extensively leak simultaneously; that is why 120% of the largest drum’s capacity is considered a compliant solution.

Practical example: you have four hazmat drums, 100L capacity each. To store them safely, you need a pallet with a 120L capacity – 120% of the largest vessel’s capacity.

However, since regulations tend to vary and change, if you are unsure of your requirements, we wholeheartedly encourage you to talk to local authorities on the issue.

To make things easier for our customers, Trade Enviro often represents clients by talking to councils about hazardous liquid storage solutions. We will happily discuss your requirements on your behalf, free of charge. That way, we ensure you are using the correct product to comply with all the necessary safety and environmental regulations.

What Are Chemical Spills?

By definition, a chemical spill an uncontrolled release of a chemical. A dangerous chemical spill is an accidental release of one or more hazardous substances that could harm people and the environment. Working with corrosive or toxic chemicals and other potentially dangerous substances always includes the risk of unintentional spills.

How Do You Control Chemical Spillage?

The Occupational Safety and Health management foresees defined steps (we can link the article which contains steps to handle a spill, I believe I wrote about it at least once) to take once the spill has taken place.

However, the best spill scenario is the one in which the spill is prevented.

When you’re choosing a bunded pallet it’s important to understand your requirements for storing hazardous liquids to ensure the safety of staff.

Firstly, it’s important to know that 120% of the largest bin, drum, or vessel is the capacity requirement. In a practical sense, this means you can store 4 x drums on a pallet if the drums are 100L each and you have enough capacity for 120L within the pallet. As it’s highly unlikely you would have 4 x bins leak or rupture at one time, 120% of the largest bin is seen as the compliant solution.

Secondly, we advise talking to local authorities if you are unsure of your requirements. Trade Enviro often represent their clients by talking to councils about hazardous liquid storage solutions and will happily discuss your requirements (free of charge) on your behalf. Ensuring you are using the correct product to ensure safety and environmental compliance.

Configuration Table

Bunded PalettesWarehousing, facilities24 hour containment. Forklift able/reduced handlingSlow movements when moving palletsNone required
Rubber Floor BundingWarehousing, storage facilities. Vehicle wash-baysEasy install, Heavy duty product, longevity. Looks neat and tidy when installedRubber floor bunding is like a small speed bump and can recue warehouse speed/efficiencyModerate. Tools are required
Temporary BundingShort term solution for leaking drums or equipmentFast Emergency spill product.. stowableLess capacity, more temporarySimple
Portable BundingTemporary storage device, mining oil and gas, relocatable solutionStowable when not in use, large capacity, efficientRequires level ground and sometimes a protective groundsheetSimple

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* Heavy Duty options available

Technical Terms:

FREEBOARD: Distance from water line to top of the float chamber

SKIRT: Material used between the float and the ballast chain pocket (PVC)

DRAFT: Distance from the water line to the bottom of the curtain

BALLAST: Area of curtain closest to the sea floor, weighted with gal chain to ensure curtain shape and integrity

CONNECTOR: ASTM standard, Z-connector

Supplying Products Anywhere in Australia

We are known for our timeliness on orders. We ship your in boxes, pallets, skids and containers and have access to a number of freight companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I store spill containment / bunded pallets outdoors?

Yes, the pallets can be stored outdoors, provided that additional equipment is included to make outdoor storage safe for the people and for the environment, isolating hazardous materials from the elements and protecting them against unwanted access. That implies heavy-duty PVC Bunded Pallet Covers / Frames for outdoor storage and Hardcover Bunds that additionally protect against unauthorised access. You can find both in our list of products above.

Can I order a pallet with a valve?

Yes, bunded pallets with valves are available to order. As per above, they must be secured against unauthorised access.

How much weight can bunded pallets hold?
Weight-wise, a 230L bunded pallet will handle 230kg. However, as described above, there is a 120-percent-of-the-larges-vessel capacity requirement. That means that a 2-drum pallet shouldn’t hold anything larger than a 200L drum stored – 200L @120% = 240L capacity required.
Can I transport drums on a bunded pallet?
If you’re moving them around your warehouse slowly and ensuring you are following correct safety protocols then it shouldn’t be a problem. Care does need to be taken minimise the potential for leaks, spills, falls and other safety hazards. We don’t advise using a bunded pallet to store and freight hazardous liquids. Due to it being an uncontrolled environment. In order to tie down or fasten, the load may require too much downward force to secure it. This could damage the pallet in transport causing a major spill or leak. For transporting hazardous liquids, check with your supplier for recommended methods of transport.
How long do bunded pallets last?
Our pallets have a 4-year warranty against defects. However, the product longevity itself is determined by the type of application and depends on whether pallets are used, maintained, and handled properly. When used as designed, they can last up to and beyond ten years.
How range do you have?
Our range of products includes 1, 2, and 4 bin options, plus we offer bunded pallet covers – heavy-duty pallet covers with frames and hardcover bunds.
How fast can we get them?
Trade Enviro shipment is swift and reliable. We can freight to anywhere in Australia and ship within 24 hours of receipt of purchase orders.
Is a bunded pallet the same product as a sump pallet?
Bunded pallets often go by different names, such as spill containment pallets and sump pallets. There is no actual difference between a product called a sump pallet and a bunded pallet.

What Our Clients Say

We are very happy with the service and product provided by Trade Environmental. Delivery was on time and the backup service couldn’t be faulted. I would most certainly use Trade Environmental for my next Sediment curtain requirement.

Environmental Compliance
LukeHillery--Hillery Group

Greatly appreciate the timely delivery of the containment boom. Fabrication and delivery within a week of our call, exceeded expectations. Your recommendations concerning material and length have proven to be spot on with the boom performing as required to ensure we are meeting our environmental obligations

Environmental Compliance
Environmental Superintendent Hallis Constructions

Fantastic service and very quick turn around. This is the second lot of bunds we have bought and cannot fault the service or product 10/10

Environmental Compliance
Ben English--Atlas CEA

Trade Environmental are a pleasure to deal with from quote stage right through to delivery you are fully informed, I would certainly use there services again and recommend to others

Environmental Compliance
Garry Solly--McMahon Services

Council recently purchased an oil boom for a liquid waste pond containing grease trap and also oily type waste. The time taken from the order right through to the delivery and also the initial information provided by Paul was of an excellent standard and expertise which is greatly appreciated. The product itself has done the job as required and we would have no hesitation recommending these products for any similar applications.

Environmental Compliance
Scott Parsons--Manager Environmental Health Services

Fabulous service and communication

Environmental Compliance

Rhiannon Brown

Our Rubber Floor Bunding is a TOUGH AUSTRALIAN MADE product with a MONEY BACK GAURANTEE