Sorbents and Consumables for Spill Response

Trade Enviro supply sorbents and consumables for spill response absorption and clean up. Our extensive range includes padspillowsmini boomswipes and rags for effective cleanup

Absorbent pads

They encapsulate, ensuring no leach back to the environment. Our pads are melt blown and have a scrim applied during manufacturing meaning they are tough and won’t break down as they become saturated. If you’re using absorbent pads then you have enough of a mess to clean up without the pad itself becoming a hazard.

Available in three standard types:

Fuel and Oil
General Purpose (GP)

Our absorbent pads make up a crucial part of any spill kit. They can absorb more than 1L / pad, work great as a drip tray and have as many applications as one can imagine.

Sold individually or by a box of 100 (or by the pallet) our absorbent pads are a heavy 400gsm, tough and reliable absorbent pad.

Oil Sorbents

Absorbent pillow

Absorbent pillows are 400mm long x 40mm wide by x 500mm long and have the ability to absorb more than 4L / pillow. They absorb much more than a conventional pad due to the large internal surface area inside the pillow.

Pillows are effective under slow machinery leaks or can be used in a similar fashion to an absorbent pad.Our absorbent pillows come with a brass eyelet in the corner of the pillow to allow easy attachment of a handle of chord for easier control on different applications.


Always consult MSDS and product supplier instruction when handling HAZCHEM.


Product CodeDescription/SizeTypePack SizeSaturation
TEAPOOil and Fuel Pillow 400x500x40Oil and fuelSingle 10/box>4L
TEAPGPGeneral Purpose Pillow 400x500x40General PurposeSingle 10/box>4L

Absorbent Booms

Absorbent booms, mini booms, land booms, and socks are all names given to absorbent booms designed to contain and or absorb spills. They can be used as a barrier around a stormwater drain when used on land or placed directly in the path of a spill, around and under leaking machinery and other types of applications. Our Mini-booms are also available in our three types:


Fuel and Oil | General Purpose (GP) | Hazchem

ModelDescriptionType AvailableBox
TEMB1.21.2 mini boomOil and fuel General Purpose HAZCHEM
TEMB1.81.8 mini boomOil and fuel General Purpose HAZCHEM
TEMB3.03m mini boomHAZCHEM

Marine Absorbent Booms

Marine absorbent booms are larger and designed to attach together and float on water with two functions: containing and absorbing smaller-scale spills. Marine absorbent booms can also be used to create a containment barrier to mitigate spill risk as a precautionary measure during construction phases. Marine absorbent booms are available as singles or in bales of 4 and make up a major part of our Marine Spill Kits.

ModelDescriptionType AvailableBox
TEAB125125mm Marine absorbent boom.Oil and fuel
TEAB200200mm Marine absorbent boom.Oil and fuel

Absorbent Wipes – 200gsm Vistex

Our wipes are for general purpose cleaning after a spill has been addressed. They are highly effective for cleaning up equipment and machinery and form an integral part of your spill kit. Sold separately or boxes of 200.

Product CodeDescription/SizeTypePack Size
TEWIPE200gsm WipeGeneral PurposeSingle 200/box

* These products (both TERFB and TEFFB) are available by the metre.


Trade Enviro supply quality rags packed in 10kg bricks, ready to ship within a days’ notice.

Available as individual bricks or pallet loads, our rags are used for clean-up procedures, incidental spills and general wiping, polishing and cleaning of plant and equipment.

2 options available: 1 x 10kg bag or a pallet of 10kg bags.

About Sorbents

Sorbents are used when small and large-scale spills occur. Our range keeps you covered across all typical spill scenarios. Sorbents come as individual or boxed. We also offer pallets for bulk orders. Trade Enviro specialize in Spill management and offer customised solutions. Let us know how we can help you. We have the expertise and experience and are ready to assist you.

Supplying Products Anywhere in Australia

We are known for our timeliness on orders. We ship your in boxes, pallets, skids and containers and have access to a number of freight companies.

What Our Clients Say

We are very happy with the service and product provided by Trade Environmental. Delivery was on time and the backup service couldn’t be faulted. I would most certainly use Trade Environmental for my next Sediment curtain requirement.

Environmental Compliance
LukeHillery--Hillery Group

Greatly appreciate the timely delivery of the containment boom. Fabrication and delivery within a week of our call, exceeded expectations. Your recommendations concerning material and length have proven to be spot on with the boom performing as required to ensure we are meeting our environmental obligations

Environmental Compliance
Environmental Superintendent Hallis Constructions

Fantastic service and very quick turn around. This is the second lot of bunds we have bought and cannot fault the service or product 10/10

Environmental Compliance
Ben English--Atlas CEA

Trade Environmental are a pleasure to deal with from quote stage right through to delivery you are fully informed, I would certainly use there services again and recommend to others

Environmental Compliance
Garry Solly--McMahon Services

Council recently purchased an oil boom for a liquid waste pond containing grease trap and also oily type waste. The time taken from the order right through to the delivery and also the initial information provided by Paul was of an excellent standard and expertise which is greatly appreciated. The product itself has done the job as required and we would have no hesitation recommending these products for any similar applications.

Environmental Compliance
Scott Parsons--Manager Environmental Health Services

Fabulous service and communication

Environmental Compliance

Rhiannon Brown

Our Rubber Floor Bunding is a TOUGH AUSTRALIAN MADE product with a MONEY BACK GAURANTEE