Portable Bunding

Portable Bunding products designed to hold 110% capacity. Our Portable Bund Systems meet Australian Standards and keep your workplace compliant.

What Is Portable Bunding?

Portable Storage Bunds (PSB’s) create permanent or temporary relocatable watertight bunds that we can manufacture to size according to your requirements. Our portable bunding products are a popular choice for all industries that have to meet Australian standards AS3780 and is durable and easily folds away within minutes.

All our PSB’s are a standard heavy duty construction. Because of this, they are chemical, oil and fuel resistant and can handle the storage of a number of dangerous goods. If you require even more durability they can be upgraded to a superior heavy-duty construction for those rugged applications. Our PSB’s have a 300mm wall height with a fold out re-enforced leg design that’s durable and simple to use. Due to this, installing or removing our bunds is an easy job that takes minutes not hours.

All in all – you can absolutely rely on our portable bunding quality.

We also manufacture a range of rigid bunds with no external legs at all for tight fitting storage areas.

What is a collapsible bund?

The defining feature of this type of floor bunding is that it’s not rigid. The walls can temporarily fold or “collapse” to allow access to heavy vehicles – e.g. a forklift to pick up a pallet and move it elsewhere. Also, collapsible bunding systems can be folded and packed very compactly, which means they can be easily moved around. This allows you to use a portable bund not only in your primary storage space but also as a temporary bund in other sites of your operation, where you also have to take responsibility for safe and appropriate chemical storage. One could say that portability is one of the defining features of this spill containment product.

Portable Bunding

How portable are our bunds? The image to the left above is 2 x bunds. As each bund is 15m long x 6m wide it easily fits on the back of a ute heading to the worksite.

MODEL TERSB – Portable Bund

Our rigid temporary storage bunds are made from the same materials that show outstanding chemical resistance, and have the same design principles and compliance benefits as our PSB’s. As a result, these rigid bunds have right angle leg braces that come with the bund. You simply slide them in while installing the bund. And, the installation still takes minutes instead of hours with the same result.

How do portable spill containment products work?

The portable spill containment bund works like any other bund – its primary purpose is to catch any potentially hazardous chemical leaks before they would have a chance to reach and contaminate the ground or enter the storm drain. The durable, chemical-resistant PVC-based material ensures that all hazardous chemicals are contained safely within the walls of the bund. However, a portable bund’s best feature is that you easily can get it installed wherever you need it – and quickly. That means that the product can be tightly packed and stored until there is a need to use it.

Portable Bunding

The light, but resilient construction of our spill bunds allows you to go from a compactly folded bund to a fully functional one in a matter of minutes. The compact size means that you can transport it and use it for the safe temporary storage of chemicals outside of your main storage facility or working site.

Designed For Australian Conditions

Our portable bunding products are proudly manufactured in Australia and designed for the Australian conditions – even the harshest of environments.

We fusion weld all joins for a 100% seal and test the product for any defect before dispatch. If required we can provision eyelets around the perimeter. This aids with fastening or pegging into place and as a result a portable storage bund can be installed within a few minutes. We can also optimise your bunding requirements by identifying key areas and risks and custom design a bund to suit your storage challenges on site.

Heavy Duty Reliability

Our portable bunding is heavy-duty and, as said priorly, can be driven into when the walls are collapsed. Alternatively, pallets can be placed inside the bund for forklift options.

Portable Bunding

We offer spill kits and absorbents to compliment bunds for incidental spills and can package containment and clean-up solution to suit your needs. If your project requires you to create temporary work sites and storage solutions then consider a PSB, you’ll like its durability and simplicity. Be compliant without impacting your time schedule.

Available Configurations For Standard Portable Bunding

Available in standard sizes from 1.4 x 1.4 x 300mm height to larger custom solutions in excess of 25,000L, Trade Enviro can supply the correct bunding solution to suit your projects. If required we supply protective ground sheets for harsh terrain so you can place it down under your PSB to minimise damage.

Please note: We build to order if you require custom size: Call us today.

ModelSizeHeightCapacityPVC Options
TEPSB131.3 x 1.3 300mm507LStandard/HD
TEPSB191.9 x 1.9300mm1083LStandard/HD
TEPSB242.4 x 2.4300mm1728LStandard/HD
TEPSB363.6 x 3.6300mm3888LStandard/HD
TEPSB15x615 x 6300mm27,000LHD

* These products (both TERFB and TEFFB) are available by the metre.

Supplying Products Anywhere in Australia

We are known for our timeliness on orders. We ship your in boxes, pallets, skids and containers and have access to a number of freight companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a portable spill containment solution?

Bunding spill containment is an industrial standard for preventing hazardous chemical spills. There are a couple of reasons why every business that deals with hazardous chemicals should also have a portable spill bund besides stationary spill prevention equipment such as a bunded pallet or a spill pallet. You need a portable spill bund if your business practices any fieldwork outside the main storage area. Your company has a responsibility to store chemicals safely on its premises, but also anywhere else where you may have to transport them.

Besides that, it is always useful to have additional spill containment bunds for secondary containment – and portable spill bunds are easy to store until needed.

The end result of your effort will be a safe environment for your workers, uncontaminated stormwater leaving your business property, and last but not least – compliance with environmental regulations and OSHA standards.

Pro tip: investing in proper spill prevention is always more cost-effective than the potential decontamination of sites in case of an out-of-control major chemical spill.

Can we store fuel and chemicals in the one bund?
Whether you’ll be able to store two liquids in one bund depends not on the portable bund (or any other bund), but on the properties of stored liquids. Always check the storage classification of the product you want to store. The key is not to store two potential reactive liquids together in a bund since the reaction could be dangerous. Also, the classification should nominate how to clean up the liquid if it gets spilled, meaning that being able to clean up the two liquids the same way is also a factor. Always check with your chemical suppliers if you’re not sure about the product’s classification.
Do you store indoors or outdoors?
Outside Bunds are subject to rain and you may need a bund closure system. You will definitely need a procedure including regular checks, spill prevention, and response to manage the bunds. Calculations are usually worked on 110% of the maximum most likely spill that needs to be allowed in capacity, meaning a 200L drum requires 220L capacity.
How fast can I get a custom solution made?
Our lead times are usually less than 7 days. Also, we keep some standard sizes in stock so it’s well worth checking if you’re in a hurry to find a spill containment solution.
Can you freight it to my site?
Yes, we offer full delivery to the site.
How do I clean a chemical spill?

Chemical spills are dangerous. It’s important for you as an operator that you understand the type and classification of the chemical being stored at your facility. Safety always comes first, contact your chemical supplier or study the product’s safety data sheets for a guide on the correct way to clean up a spill and ensure you’re prepared with the correct PPE. Trade Enviro supply HAZCHEM spill kits and absorbents, including hazardous waste bags for disposal. If you’re looking for PPE, we can help that too.

How do I manage a larger outdoor permanent bund in rain events?

We specialize in automated bund closure systems for permanent and temporary outdoor containment bunding. Because of this, the bund closure valve is designed to allow a bund to remain open, so rain will not flood the bund or cause hazards on site. The system detects hydrocarbon and automatically shuts down, isolating the bund and securing the spill within the bund, preventing hydrocarbon-rainwater emulsion from reaching the drain. Best suited for concrete and fixed bunds, large-scale transfers, and holding facilities. For automated spill control systems check out our spill response products.

Would a PSB work as a drip tray for refueling machinery and equipment on site?
Yes, using portable bunding as temporary bunding for potential leaks while refueling would be a good use of the product. As a result, we also recommend an HD construction for prolonged exposure to Hydrocarbon and that a spill kit or absorbent be used to clean up the fuel/diesel portable bunding spill immediately before it creates a safety hazard on site.

What Our Clients Say

We are very happy with the service and product provided by Trade Environmental. Delivery was on time and the backup service couldn’t be faulted. I would most certainly use Trade Environmental for my next Sediment curtain requirement.

Environmental Compliance
LukeHillery--Hillery Group

Greatly appreciate the timely delivery of the containment boom. Fabrication and delivery within a week of our call, exceeded expectations. Your recommendations concerning material and length have proven to be spot on with the boom performing as required to ensure we are meeting our environmental obligations

Environmental Compliance
Environmental Superintendent Hallis Constructions

Fantastic service and very quick turn around. This is the second lot of bunds we have bought and cannot fault the service or product 10/10

Environmental Compliance
Ben English--Atlas CEA

Trade Environmental are a pleasure to deal with from quote stage right through to delivery you are fully informed, I would certainly use there services again and recommend to others

Environmental Compliance
Garry Solly--McMahon Services

Council recently purchased an oil boom for a liquid waste pond containing grease trap and also oily type waste. The time taken from the order right through to the delivery and also the initial information provided by Paul was of an excellent standard and expertise which is greatly appreciated. The product itself has done the job as required and we would have no hesitation recommending these products for any similar applications.

Environmental Compliance
Scott Parsons--Manager Environmental Health Services

Fabulous service and communication

Environmental Compliance

Rhiannon Brown

Our Rubber Floor Bunding is a TOUGH AUSTRALIAN MADE product with a MONEY BACK GAURANTEE