Flexible Floor Bunding Products

Flexible Floor Bunding is a collapsible floor bund that springs back to shape immediately after being driven over.

Flexible floor bunding easily handles the weight of heavy vehicles, due to its waterproof collapsable barrier that springs back to shape immediately after being driven over. It has been manufactured from Hi-Grade PVC encased triangular Hi-Frequency foam, and is popular with forklift operators as it ensures loads are not compromised when crossing the bunding.

Suitability And Applications

Suitable for typical bunding of any nature flexible floor bunding is designed specifically for vehicle traffic. This makes it suitable for warehouses with fuel storage requirements, doorways, and access points as well as liquid storage, spill trays, wash bays and similar applications.

Flexible Floor Bunding Installation

Flexible floor bunding is installed by fastening a flat bar (Ally, steel etc.) to the floor using DynaBolts™. Adhesive is then applied to further secure in place, creating a waterproof seal. You can replace sections as required. 90-degree corners are also available, allowing for a complete containment area or straight line run across warehouse doors.

Flexible Floor Bunding


Bunding products can potentially require a section to be replaced over time due to prolonged flexing. It’s worth considering the time savings a no-bounce (faster warehouse movement) solution offers against the replacement costs after prolonged use.

Available Configurations

LengthHeightWidthShape90 Degree BendInstall Kits AvailableIncluding Install By Trade Enviro
5mtr 75mm125mmYesYesYes/priced separately
10mtr75mm125mmYesYesYes/priced separately

Trade Enviro Bunding
Installation difficulty Guide

1-4 easy | 5-7 Moderate | 9-10 Moderate to difficult

LengthHeightWidthShape90 Degree BendInstall Kits AvailableIncluding Install By Trade Enviro
5mtr 75mm125mmYesYesYes/priced separately
10mtr75mm125mmYesYesYes/priced separately

Supplying Products Anywhere in Australia

We are known for our timeliness on orders. We ship your in boxes, pallets, skids and containers and have access to a number of freight companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install it?
First, mark out the area and set out the bunding in place to ensure you have all angles accounted for. It can also be a good idea to pre-drill the flat bar on a workbench. Set out the bunding and place the pre-drilled flat bar down as a template.

Lay it on the flat edges of the bund and drill into the concrete through the flat bar and PVC in one action. Make sure you sweep away the dust and ensure the holes are clean before applying adhesive. Apply adhesive, place bunding and fix outside edge only. When you have done the outside edge repeat the process on the inside edge and ensure you apply a generous ammount of adhesive under the inside edge for a water 100% water proof seal.

How long will flexible bunding last?

Flex won’t last as long as our Rubber floor bunding because of the constant flex from vehicle movement. If your applications require a lot of vehicle movement then we suggest having ramps built to prolong the life-span of your bunding and possibly looking at rubber floor bunding as an alternative. Trade Enviro can fabricate ramps (Please click here for an example) to suit your bunding requirements. Talk to us for a complete package solution

What colour options are available?

Good question. We usually make it in Yellow.

What adhesive and fasteners should I use?

We use Fuller 303, we also use Sika on occasions. We apply in a zig zag motion onto the concrete and use ShureDrive™ Drive Anchors.

How fast can I get it?
Usually 10 days for fabrication unless we have stock on hand. It’s worth calling, we may have some in stock.

What Our Clients Say

We are very happy with the service and product provided by Trade Environmental. Delivery was on time and the backup service couldn’t be faulted. I would most certainly use Trade Environmental for my next Sediment curtain requirement.

Environmental Compliance
LukeHillery--Hillery Group

Greatly appreciate the timely delivery of the containment boom. Fabrication and delivery within a week of our call, exceeded expectations. Your recommendations concerning material and length have proven to be spot on with the boom performing as required to ensure we are meeting our environmental obligations

Environmental Compliance
Environmental Superintendent Hallis Constructions

Fantastic service and very quick turn around. This is the second lot of bunds we have bought and cannot fault the service or product 10/10

Environmental Compliance
Ben English--Atlas CEA

Trade Environmental are a pleasure to deal with from quote stage right through to delivery you are fully informed, I would certainly use there services again and recommend to others

Environmental Compliance
Garry Solly--McMahon Services

Council recently purchased an oil boom for a liquid waste pond containing grease trap and also oily type waste. The time taken from the order right through to the delivery and also the initial information provided by Paul was of an excellent standard and expertise which is greatly appreciated. The product itself has done the job as required and we would have no hesitation recommending these products for any similar applications.

Environmental Compliance
Scott Parsons--Manager Environmental Health Services

Fabulous service and communication

Environmental Compliance

Rhiannon Brown