Silt Curtain Case Study – DIG Earth Works and Civil

CLIENT: DIG Earth Works and Civil

PRODUCT: Silt Curtain 2mtr skirt x 100mm float.

SCENARIO: DIG Earth Works came to Trade Environmental looking for pricing and information for a silt curtain and it’s anchoring to handle sediment migration from earthworks on a project involving heavy machinery as seen in the images below.

We quickly got the information we needed to best consult the application and were soon on our way to providing a cost-effective solution. What we look for when consulting a marine containment application is a tidal influence, bathymetry, conditions, and exposure to weather including wind and from this, we can create a solution, without it you are taking an educated guess at the best.

A lot of the Curtains we provide are a standard 2mtr skirt like this one pictured. Generally, the concept of a curtain can vary from job to job and this one was to deflect the water flow allowing fast settlement. Saying this we needed to understand the nature of the works to best understand how the silt would be generated to suitably suggest an effective curtain depth. This is how we stop the migration of silt plumes and releases and this is the number one reason why we use a silt curtain.

Here is a great picture demonstrating correct use of the silt curtain

Trade Environmental provided DIG with specific CAD drawings to suit their needs, illustrating anchoring techniques as well as the concept behind the use of a Silt Curtain – we made all the steps necessary for the client to feel confident about the installation. We don’t sell on price but we understand cost-effectiveness. Our Goal is to deliver confidence in two ways, confidence with the support of your supplier and their knowledge and confidence from the product we supply you. We do this from a lot of experience and installations, ensuring you get it right the first time and I personally stand behind every product sale and personally support all our clients myself. It’s done without having a boss breathing down my neck, talking sales and budgets. This means my concern is you, not my budget or my bonus – which is how it should be.

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