Wash Bay Systems for All Your Wash Down Needs

Vehicle Wash Bay as The Best Solution for Your Wash Down Needs

Do you wash vehicles, plants, or equipment every day and need an easy way to contain the wash water? You came to the right place.

At Trade Enviro, we offer a wide range of wash bays to help you achieve water authority compliance. The biggest responsibility of wash bay users is to ensure that wash water or trade waste does not enter the stormwater network. From portable to permanent, roofed to unroofed, and small to large scale, our industrial wash bay systems come in various shapes and sizes to suit different applications and businesses.

We can also customise your wash bay to suit your specific requirements using the quality products we have to ensure you contain and isolate wash water. With our wide array of options, knowledge, and experience, you’ll find the best products and advice to suit your commercial operation here at Trade Environmental.

Council Approval

Trade Enviro can now assist you with securing a council approval. Our complete portable systems wash bays with council approval starts from $11,500. We have flexible designs that suits most applications. Certain conditions apply so please get in touch if you have any questions.

Wash Bay

The Best Wash Bays That Works For You

A wash bay’s design is pretty straightforward. However, the configurations are not always cut-and-dried to be suitable for each and every need. Check out the selection of wash bay systems from Trade Environmental that are guaranteed to be tailor-fit depending on the purpose and situation it serves.

Portable Wash Bay For Both Temporary And Permanent Use

Wash Bay

Our portable wash bay systems can be used in wash bays located on temporary workplaces and sites. They’re suitable for building developments, construction sites, and any project that does not require installation of permanent infrastructure.

Our car wash bays function even without the complex components of permanent structures like underground drainages. This makes them cheaper and faster to set up for those with limited budgets and strict schedules. Our car wash bay for sale can also be used by businesses renting facilities that do not allow cutting of concrete and construction of underground drainage. If you want a more permanent application, you can simply add any of our robust extras.

Permanent Wash Bays

We supply the equipment for permanent wash bays, including treatment systems, diversion systems, first flush and customised drainage screens. Our permanent washbay solutions are ideal for those businesses with fixed premises like mining sites, car wash businesses, service stations, and mechanical workshops.

Our permanent vehicle wash bay solutions are perfect for heavy equipment wash downs. We can liaise with you or your installation team and help you through the entire process from approval and construction to management and servicing.

Our permanent wash bay systems are robust and reliable, providing decades of use when properly maintained. Our stormwater diversions systems are tried and tested to stand alone in terms of quality, robustness. Thousands of companies enjoy the benefits of our wash bay options.

Wash Bay

Unroofed Wash Bays

Wash Bay

Erecting a roof for your industrial wash bay can be costly. Not only that, but it can also restrict access and reduce a site’s ability to manoeuvre vehicles. It also requires extra construction permits, labour, and materials for construction. With an open or unroofed wash bay, you avoid these additional costs.

There is a minor issue to note though. It’s important to isolate wash water from stormwater. But without a roof, how do we stop rain from going into the system? The answer is simple:

Our diversion systems automatically sense a wash down activity and divert wash water to trade waste whilst allowing the system to act as a standard stormwater pit during any rain event. Our diversions systems are almost always more affordable than the construction of a roof.

For larger scale wash down applications, we have our first flush diversion systems. Larger wash bay areas can’t be cleaned after each use because it takes too much time to do so. This means that upon commencement of a rain event, the wash water can contaminate the stormwater network by flushing debris, surfactants, oil, grease, and other trade waste contaminants left on the wash bay floor.

With our first flush diversion systems, we can program the diversion system to dump the “first flush” of a rain event to trade waste. This means that after every daily operation, you can rest assured that you’re meeting your obligations for containing trade waste.

Unroofed wash bay systems also require less construction on site. Without a ceiling, your vertical space isn’t limited. This means that you can use your industrial wash bay systems to wash down oversized vehicles with cranes as well as heavy-duty machinery. Some plant and equipment are often manoeuvred into a wash bay by way of forklift which again can be obstructed by a roof.

However, keep in mind that unroofed wash bays can make vehicle wash downs difficult in harsh conditions or bad weather. If your workplace regularly experiences extreme temperatures and storms, a roofed wash bay is a more suitable solution. It allows work to continue even when the weather gets bad. A roof also provides shade to users, so it really is a business decision you need to make based on all areas of concern.

Trade Environmental is here to help you through the process. We can provide you with advice and if you decide on having a roof installed, we can talk to your roof builders regarding the best practices and standard measurements.

Roofed Wash Bays

With roofed wash bay systems, you can wash vehicles and heavy machinery in any weather – rain or shine. Compared to uncovered vehicle wash bays, roofed wash bays don’t need a diversion system as a roof eliminates stormwater from the wash bay area totally. To find the best and most suitable solution to suit your application, look at the costs of a roof compared to the costs of a suitable diversion system. Also consider the users and the conditions on site before you start the process.

Roofed wash bays let you enjoy all-weather cleaning, allowing you to wash down in nearly all conditions. You won’t have to hold off on cleaning your vehicles or equipment due to the summer heat or stormy weather. Additionally, as stormwater runs off of your roof, you won’t need additional equipment to store stormwater that has been contaminated by wash water. This helps you cut down costs on installing a first flush diversion system.

Customised Wash Bay Additions And Design At Trade Enviro

Need a customised solution for your workplace? We’ve got you covered. We can customise wash bay designs specifically for your space constraints and requirements. With over 10 years’ experience supplying products for wash bay construction, Trade Enviro takes into consideration all aspects of wash bay compliance and user simplicity.

A Little Insight Into The Wash Bay Process:

Perimeter Bunding

Bunding plays two roles in a wash bay. It’s important to ensure that the wash bay area is bunded, wash water can be easily contained within, and stormwater can’t enter the wash bay. Trade Environmental has a range of wash bay bunding products suitable for all applications with the most popular being our HD floor bund.

Holding Tank

Holding tanks play an important role in primary treatment or cleaning of trade waste. As water collects in a holding tank, the sediment drops out and the hydrocarbons break out. This means the tank or storage system acts as a buffer and settlement area for the water, taking pressure off downstream equipment such as treatment systems and water recycling systems.

Wash Water Screening

As wash water drains from the wash bay area, it’s important to screen the water and remove debris or contaminants that can upset downstream equipment such as pumps and treatment systems. Trade Environmental manufactures custom silt traps and a range of prefabricated wash bay drainage pits, inclusive of silt screening.

Treatment, Recycling, or Pump Out

After the water collects into a holding tank, you need to consider the next steps. This is where Trade Environmental can help. We can guide you through the options based on consumption of water, your location, and the budget you need to decide on what to do with the water.

Here at Trade Environmental, we’ll walk you through your options to ensure you can find a solution that fits your purpose and is best suited for your operations.

To learn more about our wash bays or to start planning your wash bay, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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