Remote Contracting Services Aquatic Silt Curtains Case Study

PRODUCT: Aquatic Silt Curtains

SCENARIO: We have been working with Remote Contracting Services (RCS) for the past 12 months on various jobs requiring silt curtains throughout the Northern Territory. Conditions in the territory are rarely straightforward. Usually, you’re dealing with tough conditions, hot weather and also being mindful of saltwater crocodiles.

The guys at RCS were building a new bridge over the Roper River. Due to fluctuating river depths as well as natural bottlenecks and rainfall the Roper river can pick up velocity quickly without a lot of warning. Add to the mix the resident crocodiles that are smart enough to stake the place out for a quick and easy meal if it popped up and the fact silt curtains require us human beings to go into the water to install them, and you have probably got yourself one of the toughest aquatic applications in which you can find yourself.

When installing silt curtains, the key to your success will always be the way you go about anchoring it. If you get it right, most of the time you can install the curtain and carry on with your work without the need for constant adjustments and time lost in dealing with something for which you probably haven’t allowed budget. If you under do the anchoring, the silt curtain will need adjustments and this is where a lot of man hours can get chewed up quickly. We advised RCS on how to go about the installation specifically for the conditions they were facing and the anchoring techniques they would need to use. Needless to say, a job well-done guys.

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